Film as Philosophy. "To SEE and understand reality THRU PICTURES". We believe that films can help us decoding reality. This makes Cinema a powerful way to widen our horizon of choices and possibilities.


We are a film production and distribution company. We aim to produce both entertaining and thought-provoking, inspiring, quality films able to gain not only local acceptance but also international recognition, both in terms of box-office receipts and aesthetics. 


Ruben Maria Soriquez       President and CEO / Director Executive Producer


Mark David McKeown       Writer & Creative


Cristiano Maria Soriquez  Corporate Secretary/Associate Producer


Paolo Bertola                        VFX Supervisor/Creative/Director

Enrico Sabena                      Music Composer/Sound Engineer

Franco Eco                              Producer/Music Composer


Mabell Reyes Villanueva    Sales and Acquisitions/Production

Stephen Schlobohm            Head CGI and VFX department


Angela Magat                        Post production Producer




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Quezon City, Philippines - Bologna, Italy - Los Angeles US