TV Series and  Development   ( co-productions are welcome )


THREE OF A KIND (series)                         .               

Created by:  CV HERST, Virginia Travers, Ruben Maria Soriquez


In the netherworld of con artists and cat burglars, CAESAR ROMANO was once a rock star. Over the last thirty years, CAESAR has pulled off some amazing, even record-breaking heists. But then he over-reached, not on the choice of target, but the choice of personnel. When his newest crew member disappeared along with the trinket, CAESAR was left to explain to the police, a task he has been doing from his prison cell for the last twelve years. So naturally when the opportunity for early release presented itself, CAESAR jumped at it…

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Writers: Ruben Maria Soriquez, Paolo Bertola    Director: Paolo Bertola


Cardinal Piccolomini sends the Vatican's Holy Hunters to kill the last vampires of the Tepesh family but Vlad, a former WWII Romanian Colonel, will make it difficult for him.


- The house of angels

Writers: Mark McKeown, Ruben Maria Soriquez, Alex Roces

Solomon Ray is the charismatic and enigmatic Maestro Supremo (Master Leader) of the House of the Angels, a religious cult living in a Monastery in a remote island. Solomon is a Psychic-Healer whose Disciples regard him as a Prophet of the Christ. A former U.S. Marine in the second Iraqi war, Solomon is hiding dark secrets, and struggling with inner demons that could drive him into a downward spiral of self-destruction and mayhem....

- The father

Writers: Paolo Bertola, Ruben Maria Soriquez

- Attoly kan balay (back home)

Writers: Ruben Maria Soriquez

Ricardo fears that his 6 year old son is possessed and seeks the help of a priest exorcist who reveals a worse truth.

Ifan, a 35 y. old Fil-American never met his father, a former U.S Marine. He lives in a remote area of the Philippines. Fo- reign look but native tounge speaker, he sits everyday by the river and talks to it.

- Alvin

Writers: Paolo Bertola, Ruben Maria Soriquez

Alvin, a bullied dumb kid from a poor family, magically becomes a basketball champion. But fame, money and power take him away from the people who love him. The newfound ability to speak makes him lose his awesome basketball skills. To be the champion he used to be he has to go back to his roots.

- The Color of Life                                

Writers: Ruben Maria Soriquez, Edith Asuncion

2008. DAN SMITH, an executive of Smith & Caldwell, a brokerage company that is cheating wealthy clients, finds himself fleeing New York City in haste to avoid being caught by the FBI. DAN tries to elude justice by hiding in a small provincial town in the Philippines. There he meets a woman and her blind young son...

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