Two half brothers meet after the death of their father.  One, Alberto, is a rich Filipino-Italian, the other, Mike, is Filipino and suffers from autism and schizofrenia. Mike has only a few friends: his spiders. The reunion of the two brothers is disturbed by three thugs looking for easy money. But the head of the three awkward bandits has a phobia for spiders....

Production Info

CAST: Ruben Maria Soriquez, Richard Quan, Lee O'Brian, Jeff Tam, Rob Sy, Lanie Gumarang, China Roces

SCREENPLAY:         Ruben Maria Soriquez, Mark Mckeown

DIRECTOR:              Ruben Maria Soriquez

D.O.P:                       Alex Espartero


LANGUAGE:            English-Tagalog

GENRE:                    Dark Comedy/Crime

TRT:                          93 min.

PROD. COUNTRY:  Italy-Philippines (2018)

PROD. COUNTRY:  Italy-Philippines (2018)


SALES:                      LEOMARK STUDIOS LLC (USA)

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